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Health Worker Migration - University of Ottawa

Video Testimonial

Dr. Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
CIHR/Health Canada Chair in Health Human Resource Policy

Arturo Hernandez and the ihotweb team have been an incredible asset to my research networks : the Ontario Health Human Resources Research Network (, the Population Health Improvement Research Network (, the Canadian Society Sociology of Health ( website and the Health Worker Migration ( Website which provides research related to my Chair in Health Human Resource Policy This team helped us create our websites, design our logos, create user friendly tools, provide innovative ways to improve our website and help make our vision a reality. They also played a fundamental role in increasing exposure of our websites and it’s content (research, events and documents) which speaks volumes in terms of the success of our networks. We are very fortunate to have such a friendly and professional team of experts on board and we are looking forward to working with you as our websites continue to evolve and as we face new challenges (Pan-Canadian HHR Network) . Our sincere thanks for all your hard work!!
The website is spearheaded by Dr. Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, CIHR/Health Canada Research Chair in Health Human Resource Policy at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Bourgeault has directed a research programme focused on the migration of health professionals, largely in destination countries (Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia)
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